The narrowest house in the world

/ By Andrew



Etgar Keret, the owner, tells us about how the house came to be:

“Three years ago, Jakub Sazczesny, a Polish architect, called me and tried to explain by phone that he wanted to build a home for me in Warsaw, the narrowest home in the world.

At the time, I thought his crazy idea, along with his heavily Polish-accented English, which made our conversation comical, had to be a practical joke engineered by one of my friends. A few weeks later, Jakub arrived in Israel, and when I met him face to face, I realized that he was totally serious.

The idea was to build a house with the same proportions as my stories: as minimalist and as small as possible.

When Jakub first saw the unused space between two houses at 22 Chlodna Street, he decided that he had to build something there. When we met, he showed me the building plans for a narrow, three-story house.

After bringing the plans for the space back to his mother, Keret continued writing that she recognized the street as a place where she, as a girl, had smuggled food to her parents. He wrote “it’s a pushy little home,” going on to describe it as a home that says:

A family once lived in this city. They’re not here anymore, but everyone who walks past me will have to stop for a minute and look at my narrow, defiant body, look at the sign and remember that family’s name.

The house has been named the Keret House.”



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