The Good Man – the html and css animated story

/ By Jónatas

I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling, and how to create really compelling stories in interaction design and even in print.
After a year of Responsive design being the buzz work of the webdesign industry, I think this year we should explore more the content and storytelling, and bring back those nice crazy site like Hi-Res* used to create.

All that stuff of the website working well across all the devices and handsets is really nice but the common user already expects that, instead, a really compelling story that a user can experience, that when they are browsing thru a website they are almost seeing a movie our reading a book is another thing, it’s really another thing.

So to illustrate this point event though this is not really what I’m trying to achieve (I’m searching for storytelling thru a “regular” website) here is a literal storytelling thru an HTML and CSS animated story all done by code.

Enjoy (if you have a last generation browser)




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