Qualities of successful people.

/ By Nuno

These could be lifetime goals (via swissmiss).

Greg Hoy posted in his blog:
“For better or worse, I’ve been in the position to influence the professional growth and development of many talented people. My experience is that people who achieve the most success share one or more of these qualities, in no particular order:

– They are humble. Their success doesn’t consume them.
– They are on time. On time for work, on time for meetings, on time for the train. They hate wasting their own time, and as a byproduct, anyone else’s.
– They always appreciate what they have. And as a result, they usually get more.
– They are universally respectful—to their friends, their boss, or to the person that makes their sandwich for lunch.
– They don’t let work consume them.
– They make sacrifices for the benefit of others.
– They are patient.
– They put in the extra effort when it’s needed, without any strings attached.
– They resolve issues or conflicts directly.
– They respectfully push back. It’s easy to push back. To do so with respect takes skill.
– They trust their colleagues.”



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