M4: Design evolution

/ By Nuno

The BMW M3 has been for a long time a great example of German design applied to German Motorsport, which means, in my humble opinion, design that works (and lasts).

As a M3 fan I could not be happier with the release of the M4 images. It is still a concept, but one that will really hit the showrooms very soon.

It is a BMW design statement, since, as an evolution of the M3 design, mixed with the latest M6, shows a lot of maturity in its development. As other brands do, is not a rupture with the past, but an evolution, that makes sense.

It is great to see the M3 side by side with the M4 and realize how the M3 design is still updated, after all these years.

Can’t wait…






bmw-m4-concept-5 bmw-m4-concept-6

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