I want one of these.

/ By Nuno

The Bunkie is a small multi-use building created by industrial design firm 608 Design and BLDG Workshop. Measuring just 12.5 feet x 8.5 feet, it adopts CNC detailing from furniture manufacturing for use in pre-fab construction.

The wooden frame for the Bunkie is precision-cut using a CNC router and then clad with plywood and barn board. The structure maintains a transparent view of the site where it is placed so it is integrated into the landscape, and it offers three operating modes: open, play, and sleep.

Gizmag reports that for sleep mode, one queen-sized bed folds out from the main wall and another from the pitch of the roof, to create a bunk bed with a ladder.

For play mode, folding chairs and a table hidden in another wall can be removed for dining and entertaining. During open mode, the furniture can all be folded into the walls and ceiling so you can make use of the whole space.

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