/ By Nuno

Sometimes there are projects that make me stop and think why didn’t I have this idea. The FoundersCard is one of them.

As a member I can tell you that everything in this project is really well designed, starting with the communication, the card design, but specially the benefits, and the way everything works.

The card grants you access to elite status with airlines like Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa, Gold Status with Hilton Honors, and discounts with Virgin America, Apple, ZipCar, over 150 hotels worldwide, 6 months of MailChimp for free and over 90 other startups. Also included is access to FoundersCard events – all-expenses-paid events all over the world featuring hundreds of other founders. However, it’s open to anyone with an entrepreneurial vision, so it’s not wholly limited to the heads of startups.

Thank you swissmiss for the tip.


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