Do you want a sandwich(bike)?

/ By Nuno

The guys at Bleijh, a dutch design agency, have come with this cool concept bicycle: the Sandwichbike.

Would you have believed that two wooden panels could deliver the funkiest ride there is? They did, and they dubbed it the Sandwichbike. A Dutch Design original that was inspired by the concept of flat packing, home assembly and our never-ending drive to create exceptional products. Now it is time to share it with the world, so that you can get involved too.

Rethinking the cycle

To enable you to build it yourself, we had to rethink every aspect of the classic velocipede. We came up with a concept that is unlike anything out there. Instead of a welded frame, we engineered a ‘sandwich’ of two weather coated frames of layered plywood. Bonded together by ‘smart cylinders’, the frames and components become a rock-solid piece of technology that is both durable and extremely attractive.

Making a sandwich… bike!

The Sandwichbike fits in a small, flat package, so we can send it to you by post. The fun will begin the moment the postman rings your doorbell. Everything you need is in the box including the tools, so you can start assembling right away. In total, there are less than 50 parts. If you can make a sandwich, you can surely build a Sandwichbike.
A truly unique ride

The thrill of building your own Sandwichbike is only matched by taking it for a spin. Whether you head downtown, cycle around the park or go cruising down the boulevard, you’ll feel the excitement of this smooth ride. Just remember, we can’t be held accountable for all the extra attention you’ll get.






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