Do you have $950,000?

/ By Nuno

If you do, this is a good opportunity for owning a Frank Lloyd Wright house. But, you need to move it!

If the idea of moving house fills you with anxiety, pity Lawrence and Sharon Tarantino. This architect couple are literally moving their house – as in, putting it somewhere else. It’s quite a propertya restored, mid-century modernist jewel designed by the great Frank Lloyd Wright, in the aptly named town of Millstone, New Jersey. The trouble is, it’s situated near a river that often floods, necessitating regular repairs.

So they have put it up for sale, with the proviso that the new owner moves it somewhere safer. The asking price is $950,000, plus relocation costs. And they’ve found a prospective buyer: an Italian architect wants to bring it to Fiesole, a hilltop town near Florence, where Frank Lloyd Wright once lived.

Saw it at The Guardian.


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