A Peek into Slash

— WRITTEN ON / By Jiani Lu

A new glimpse into our studio, our inspirations, and what makes Slash tick.












At Slash we’re always engaged in local creative events. Behance Portfolio Review Week has started earlier last week with a series of global events organized by members for members. This year’s event in Dubai brings three of the best creatives in their field – working with brands such as Airbnb, Steelcase, PepsiCo, Adidas, Audi, BMW, Airbus, amongst many others.

Meet your local creative community, get feedback on your work, hear from experienced professionals.


Details here: http://allevents.in/village/behance-portfolio-review-2013-dubai/458987167553119#


Lego Calendar to organize your team work

— WRITTEN ON / By Jónatas

At Slash we are always looking for ways to organize our work weeks, we tried writing on big sheets of papers, on the windows, on digital calendars on the cloud even on custom softwares and we still didn’t find the perfect solution for us.

Altough we don’t think is for us, here’s a nice solution created by Vitamins

If you have any good new ideas send us thru facebook, twitter or by email we would really like to have you feedback.


— WRITTEN ON / By Jónatas

Prototypo is a user friendly typeface creator, with a lot of customizable settings that will speed up, for sure, the sketching of new fonts, it’s not a new project but it’s almost out, hopefully.


Second nature


I really like this stories, when something “doesn’t make sense”, kind of out of order, and then it shows that we just have our mind made up, full of misconceptions.

The skater that becomes an architect is a good example. Makes all the sense. Loved it!