Brownbook / Mama Tani

/ By Nuno


Thanks to the freshly baked Brownbook Mediterranean Issue, I’ve just knew about my next stop in Dubai: Mama Tani.

Sometimes is not easy to find a local cuisine spot here in Dubai, and it is always good news when I know about a new one.

In their won words:

Mama Tani, ‘Second Mama’ in Arabic, was the name taught to us by our Egyptian nanny for our grandmother. This is what we affectionately called her as toddlers and is a name that has grown with us as has the joy that comes from Mama Tani’s good food.

Mama Tani’s recipes were always delicious, always made with the finest ingredients and always served with love. Now Mama Tani Café brings to you a taste of our childhood. Our Emirati khameer bread is freshly prepared as savory and sweet sandwiches, with a variety of fillings infused with regional herbs and spices.

Delicious, traditional flavors, brought to you in a relaxed contemporary setting. A place where you can enjoy a taste of home.

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